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Senzo Shabangu: New Works In Process - 6 photos - 2012-08-01 17:30:18.0

Senzo Shabangu has been working at David Krut Print Workshop, Parkwood, on a series of new monotypes and linocuts. He has been assisted by various DKP interns during this process.

Intern Samantha McCulloch wrote the following text about interning at DKP and assisting Shabangu in the print workshop:

"It’s thrilling to be working in the print studio again.   The processes of inking up, rolling onto the plate, tearing and scoring paper feel oddly familiar, even automatic, despite having not printed for a year or so.   One always forgets the generative effects of the process of printing, as conversations, ideas and failed prints begin to compile amid newsprint with gold lines, masking tape and coffee cups. The workshop space becomes a surface in its own right, marked with the residue of the process.

My internship with David Krut Projects has been rewarding, particularly printing From the city of Gold ll with Senzo Shabangu.   It is a privilege to be immersed in the process of printing with an artist, of having the opportunity to be a part of the process of making.   One feels as if you are the witness to the mechanisms of ideas, how they come to be and how they materialize after being put through the press. As if often the case, collaborating yields interesting and unexpected results, dialogue and the immergence of an in between space where ideas and thoughts are exchanged and talked through.   After two days of printing, we were still encountering problems with the gold background, as a faint vertical line continued to appear on the right side of print.   After adding more compound and tack reducer, softening the gold ink, we were successful in achieving a richer and more consistent background.    

Printing the linocut has been accompanied by conversations about Johannesburg, a city I have always felt distanced from whilst simultaneously being drawn to.   Much of Senzo’s work is about the pressure of living in Johannesburg and what it means to temporarily occupy a space within the city.   Print becomes an effective medium to engage with pressure both literally and metaphorically.   After printing on Friday, Senzo offered to walk with me around the city centre from Johannesburg Art Gallery to Newtown, where he took me to the various sites that have inspired his artistic trajectory.   It was both exhilarating and unsettling to, by foot, explore the city where I have grown up, yet have never walked through…"
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