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Review: Desmond and the Tutus - Mnusic - 1 photo - 2012-08-22 15:25:44.0

Mnusic by Desmond + the Tutus's

Is pretty damn awesome, I am biased of course. I might not be allowed back in Wolves or home as I like to call it. I am not a fan of pop music, or fun music or humorous music etc etc. I like my tunes dark and melancholic, tracks that are more likely to beat you to death in a dark alley than feed you sweet treats as you smile at the sun in Emmarentia Park.

Listening to Mnusic challenges these ideas of mine. As I go through the tracks and listen to each of them carefully, Shanes vocals yelping and jerking across my eardrums, I try and pick out what he is saying each line. I don't know whether D+tTT's are mocking the shit out of me or whether I am in on the joke. "Tattoo" is a gorgeous, catchy and damning satire on all those assholes with "meaningful" tattoos. Again ... I dont know if I am in on it or the butt of this particular jest.

Following that is Awesomer, with its gentle Paul Simon style guitar (I dont know the technical terms for these things) and whistling. The wistful and loving lyrics and grammatical playing around with the word "awesomer" is good fun and the rhythm changes are fantastic.

One of my favourite tracks follows "Car Guard Tan"  I envision a load of assholes hanging out at Espresso in Parkhurst. Tits with tank tops and girlfriends with fake tits hanging out with previously mentioned tits. I know Shane is pretty much as sweet a person as you'll come across, but this song is fucking mean. “You're looking good and by good you know I mean borderline” I know those shallow termites will eventually rough it, go watch a show and will singalong to this track. I know onstage they'll be laughing along at the joke. No doubt they'll be laughing at me too.

Future follows CGT, I have one thought during this track. I WISH this song was around so that it could be on the Breakfast Club soundtrack. There is one thing that is clear with this album, the musicians behind Shane are superb, clever and seem to love testing their abilities, stretching what sound to use for each lyric. “Is this it, are we having fun yet?”

Smooch it up. I don't know what that sound is that starts making itself known at 1:10 but I love it, probably some sort of synth and that sound alone makes me happy to hear this song.

Moer It. For the first time, an aggressiveness appears in the vocals. Its brilliant, like I said before I like my music dark, this track feeds that desire.

Early 90's Techno. WTF it starts out with a stadium spectacular metal explosion then dives into jumpy pop. Then 55 seconds in, the killer guitar starts ripping at my earballs. I wish it was louder. Great skills. Then the metal explosion comes back. What, where, wtf is happening to me. The sounds are sweet and nasty and the lyrics pure happy pop. Madness. (just like this paragraph)

Zim Zala Bim. “where have his flippin pants gone” Dark backing vocals make this song, along with the deadly lead guitar skills.

Hit the Ground follows Beg You. HTG starts with this beautiful Bloc Party styling guitar, melancholy vocals and bizarre rhythms. The Drums, Bass, Piano and Lead guitar make this song. Shane stands back and lets the boys do what they do best let rip into an orchestral massive on-stage sound. I can hear Kele Okereke singing a gentle backing vocal on this.

Enough Fun is the closer and ends this album fantastically. A night out on the town set to D+tTT's jumping fun sound. Shane comes back to the fore with this one, subtle bizarre vocal rhythms that make it impossible to singalong first time round. A particularly clever style for pop, who's vocal timings are so often too simple to listen to more than twice.

All in all, I love this album. It has made me listen to pop and love it. I know that Agalloch will be under my favourite column forever, but I also know that Car Guard Tan will pop up every now and then and make me smile.

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Benedikt Sebastian I like this review. It made me laugh. Now I'm happy.
2012-08-24 11:30:43.0